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We have other animals here, not just Pit Bulls!! Here's our other family members!!
Bear- German Shepherd/Chow mix
I rescued Bear from an abusive and neglectful owner when he was 8 weeks old. His owner had him on a 3 foot rusty chain, attached to him with a peice of clothesline rope, that was near to being embedded. He had no water, and only a coffee can of moldy chinese food to eat. His doghouse was a pile of rocks that sort of formed a cave, needless to say, it was not waterproof. I offered the owner $20 for him, and he took it. That was 7 years ago, and old Bear is still here, my neutered resident guard dog/family dog.

Nemo- Doberman Pinscher
My 2nd son! This is my house dog, he is so smart, so loving, I can't describe how much I love this guy!!
nemo5months006.jpg picture by PoolesPitbullsnemo5months007.jpg picture by PoolesPitbulls

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